Montag, 14. November 2011

A Lovestory

I hardly ever look around the Lolita-shops (no matter if it is brand, offbrand, Taobao, etc...) so I'm never up to date with all the new stuff. That being said, today I found out that they made a replica out of one of my favourite Baby, the stars shine bright JSKs.

Left you have the original and right the replicas. I remember that I wanted that print pretty badly. It was one of the first dresses that I was willed to spend hundreds of Euro on. This still doesn't happen very often, I rather sew my own stuff.
But I didn't purchase it in the end because it was a winter-themed dress and I didn't want to buy a dress that I couldn't wear all year. Well, yes I could but it would feel weird to wear a dress with ice skating bunnies in summer.

Now, of course, I was thinking about buying the replica because it's inexpensive and that way I wouldn't spend a ton of money on a dress that I could only wear in winter. But I don't think I will buy it. I looked at the pictures and it came to me, that the replica would not make me happy :/

The dresses look good at first but if you take a closer look, they are kind of sad looking. The quality suffers if you produce a dress that cheap and if it was any other dress, I wouldn't mind. But I fell in love with this particular dress and I don't want to settle for less.

We have a true love-relationship with some dresses, don't we ^^ Tell me about yours in the comments below!

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