Dienstag, 1. November 2011

Halloween and Nr. 24

Hello dear readers!

I hope you had a happy Halloween yesterday. I don't mind so much about the tradition since it comes from the USA and is not part of my countries tradition but it's a good occasion to get all frilled up and party :D

I was wearing my Candy Treat JSK, a fake heart in a glass jar as my bag and my new white and red Rock Star Wig, which means I completed another thing from my list. Number 24: Order the white/red Rockstar Wig from GLW and wear it with your Candy Treat JSK. I love love love how the whole Outfit turned out. I'm sorry that I don't have a better picture but I want to have a photo shoot with this exact outfit anyway.

My evening was pretty shitty though... I waited in line for one and a half hour to get into a party where the tickets were sold out almost an hour before I arrived. I wanted to get home but forgot my car keys in my friends apartment. It was so foggy on the motorway, it took my twice as long to get home as usual and when I got home, I was locked out and had to sleep in the car... yeah, not the best Halloween but at least I was pretty.

How did you spend your Halloween? Tell me in the comments below!

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