Dienstag, 15. November 2011


It's half-time! 75 days left for my challenge. I wasn't able to cross too many things from my list. Some things seemed pretty easy when I wrote the list and some of them now seem impossible to do or are really not possible. For example, I'm not going to university this semester, so I won't be able to cross number 3 (Wear Lolita to university) off.
- Order from Closet Child for the first time (no money atm -.-)
- Organize or at least attend a Lolita Christmas-party (seems like there won't be a Christmas-party this year and I can't organize one like planned)
- Finish your Lolita coat you started to sew last November (simply don't want to...)

But I sewed a chiffon blouse. I somehow forgot to blog about it ^^

I was wearing it on Halloween and to the last meet-up last Saturday. I didn't blog about the meet-up either... I didn't feel like it XD (also, what happend to my face in this picture? o___ô looks horrible!)

Here you can see the blouse better. It's a red version of my blue chiffon blouse, I sewed for the Angelic Pretty Tea Party. This is actually the only picture where you can see the blouse quite well. I'm posing with Jana-Ellena form "Nerd Sweetmeat" (hai gurl hai).

At the moment I'm a sucker for outfits that incorporate red. I love my red headbow (I will try to post a tutorial soon), I love my red heart shaped glasses, I allways loved my red shoes. Red is just an AWESOME colour.

What do you love to wear at the moment? Tell me in the comments below.

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