Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

My first scrapbook!

I'm still obsessing over card making and the cricut and since I don't use cards that much, I decided, that I will focus my obsession on scrapbooks.

For those who don't know what a scrapbook is, it's some kind of a photo album but it's less about the amount of photos and more about the whole look of the book and what story the individual photos tell us. Wikipedia isn't very helpful when it comes to explaining what a scrapbook is. All it says is: "Scrapbook, can refer to 'Scrapbooking' - the process of making a scrapbook". Good job, Wikipedia!

Anyhow (I wanted to write "anyhoe" because I heard it in a video and I thought it was hilarious! But a whore is for private so I will keep it to myself in the future ^^) I made my first scrapbook and it's sooo adorable! Seriously, if you suffer from diabetes, you shouldn't even look at it XD

Here you have the frontcover with an ice cone and you can pull out a tag on the right. You could write down what this scrapbook is all about or you could put your first picture on this tag.

This is my least favourite page. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it at all. It closes with the ribbon around the heart shaped button and when you open it, there's a little bunny that says "hi".

On the inside there is a cupcake and 2 little tags. You have a lot of space for pictures and journalling. I put down the tags for dates of something like that.

This is by far my favourite page! It looks like an envelope and you close it with a ribbon. When you open it you have a little bow in the right upper corner.

Inside there is Mister Chocolate waiting your you ^^ and you can pull out a tag on the right, like on the first page. On the tag I put a little surprise, Mister Cookie XD Again, there is a lot of space for pictures and another small tag in a pocket. You can pull that out too.

On the last page you find a cute lollipop and it slaps open to the right. inside you have again 2 small tags and space for journalling.

What do you think about my first scrapbook? Isn't it cute? ^^ I feel like scrapbooking is a perfect hobby for a Lolita. It's "kawaii" and you put pictures in. Hell yeah, it's the perfect Lolita-hobby!

Would you try something like this yourself? Have you already made a scrapbook? Tell me in the comments below!

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