Sonntag, 7. August 2011


Do you know what a "Purikura" is?

Well, like our favourite fashion Lolita it comes from Japan ^^ It's basically a photo booth where you can posh the pictures up with cute effects. There are 2 pages (that I know of) where you can do that online:

- Puricute
- Purikura Online

 The pictures sometimes scare me because what Japanese people consider "kawaii" is what I find alien-like... I mean, the enlarge your eyes and brighten up your face until you have no longer a nose. Doesn't that sound alien-like? XD

Anyhow, I'm working on my Photoshop-skills (because I don't have any!) and today I tried something purikura-like.

If you want this template (without the picture in the background and the "Test!"), you can download it here! The template looks like this.

Now you only have to open it with an image processing application and insert any picture you like in the background. Write a nice thing on the polaroid-part and your done! Enjoy!

PS: Do you need a tutorial on how to insert the picture in the background? I'm not good at all this editing stuff and only using GIMP but I could show you how I did this.

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