Dienstag, 16. August 2011

Personal Stuff

Hey guys,

sorry for not posting in a very long time. As you may know by now, I'm moving. For the last 12 month I lived in Vienna, all by myself in a very nice flat. But it's getting too expensive and I don't feel very comfortable in this apartment any longer. I mean, I love the neighbourhood and that it's so quiet. But I've seen my renter naked several times and his wife is a bit bitchy. So, that's why I'm moving back to my Moms place. That's stressful and I don't have time to wear Lolita or do something Lolita-related.

Just in case you wondered, that's the reason why I'm not posting at the moment. However, I started a new blog about make-up. Make-up is easy and blogging about it doesn't take much time. Also, I can work on my editing skills, which are still close to non-existent :D If you want to follow "Make-up For Noobs" click right here.

Talking about editing skills. I put together a video about my Lolita outfits in the last one and a half years. I want to believe it's an "inspiration" for all the new Lolitas, who have trouble finding their way into the fashion, but it's just one big ego trip X'D *just kidding* I hope this inspires at least one Lolita-newbie to keep on rocking this look.

Oh and I got a Valentine:

(OP, you know you allways give yourself away with your editing skills ^^)

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