Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

Oh Paris, Baby Tea Party and Shopping at AP

Bonjour my dear readers!

How are you today? I'm fiiiiine :D Yesterday was my first day in Paris and it was allready so much fun. I'm traveling with 6 other Austrian Lolitas and one Lolita from Norway. We got ready in the morning and went to get to the Baby Shop. Some of us had to pick up our invitations for the the party.

After that we went to the AP shop because if you bought something, you got a gift ^^ It was so much going on there. I was waiting in line, just to get into the store for almost an hour! When we finally were able to pay (another 30 min waiting) it was so late, that we thought we would be late for the tea party. So we left the things at the store and ran to the metro station. We were on time but it was close!

The room were the tea party took place was amazing! Breathtaking! Seriously! It was like in castle. And the cake was sooo good! Oh my god... it was so good but at the same time so filling, that you couldn't eat more than 2 not very large pieces. The pieces were something like 4cm x 4cm big, so really not much.

Aoki Misako was special guest at the tea party. Guess what, my friend and I met here at the toilet first ^^ She is sooo cute... and sooo small! I look like a fat giant next to her.

After the tea party we went back to the AP shop to pick up our stuff. I thought the shop assistance were really poor. First 1000 of girls storm the shop, 2 hours later, everybody is gone because they all went to the Baby Tea Party and 4 hours later again a horde of  crazy girls came to shop the hell out of them ^^

I met so many nice girls that day. Such big events are always really fun and very enjoyable. We met a girl from Finland, she traveled alone and she actually won a price at the tea party.

Another girl that really amazed me was this russian girl. Here outfit was soo perfect! I never saw such an awesome Punk/Pirate Outfit!

Today I will attend the AP tea party (I wrote tea party way to often in this entry!) and I will wear some kind of OTT for the first time. I don't know how that will work out and if it is a good idea because the neighborhood is not the best. Next time I will travel with a bodyguard ^^

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