Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Misako-chans Make-up Tutorial

Hey guys!

When I bought Misakos book for you, I bought one for myself too. It's really sweet and in some way also very inspirational.

There is a little tutorial in it, how to do a cute casual look.

I thought I show you how to create this look. But I made some changes. Misako doesn't use concealer because she doesn't has to. I however have dark shadows under my eyes and need to do so.
Most of the Asian people have quiet short lashes, that is why the girls wear false ones almost every day. My lashes are long and curled nicely, so I don't need to curl my lashes and put on falsies.
The third thing I changed was the color of the lipgloss. Pink doesn't fit me so well, I used a slightly red one instate.

My editionprogram sucks... BAD! I still have to find a good one that runs on ubuntu. And I'm still sick. I'm breathing through my mouth the entire video, which looks... well... stupid! :D Sorry for that. If I should ever do a tutorial again, it will be better. I promise!

Do you want more video make-up tutorials? Or do I suck so bad at editing that I should never ever in my live do another tutorial? XD

Oh and there is still some time left to enter the give away! You can win the awesome book where I had the tutorial from ^^

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