Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011


Yesterday I went out to support a friends band: Thiary

I'm not very much into Metal... and yesterday I found out, I'm even less into Metalcore. I think it was Metalcore, I'm not sure. I'm having a hard time classifying things like that. Also, not every artist wants to have a certain label, it just limits him in some way. But even though I didn't really enjoy the music, Thiary isn't bad at all! They are quiet good actually. So, if you do like Metal and Metalcore, check them out!

This is what I wore:

Blouse: Innocent World
Corset: ebay
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Chantilly
Bloomers, Jabot: handmade

My Point of fashion was: wearing mostly black and not too many girly frills to a Metal concert.
I was in a hurry and forgot to put on my shoes before I took the picture and couldn't redo it because I was already late. Also, I'm not very happy about the fact, that you can't see the jabot. I sewed it especially for this outfit and now it's almost invisible on the black blouse -.-

I have some more pictures for you. They are not Lolita-related, they just amuse me ^^

On the left you see me arguing with my cam because the self-timer went off to early and on the right you see me in my usual pose. I think in the future I will argue with my cam more often. I like the left pic much better! In fact, the right one is boring. What do you think? :D

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