Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

How to survive the summer in Lolita!

It's hoooot... sooo hot!

In the last few days, it was so hot, I didn't even want to leave the house. And thinking about getting dressed in Lolita makes me break out in a sweat ^^ If you still want to wear Lolita in summer, here are some (hopefully) useful tips:

- Use a parasol! They look cute and you are always standing in the shadow which makes a big difference.

- Take a fan with you. A breeze of cool air can be very delightful on a hot summer day.

- Keep it casual. Instate of a high collar blouse choose a t-shirt. If you are not going to a meet-up and just want to bring some Lolita in your everyday live, the outfit doesn't need to be perfect.

- If you still want to wear a full outfit, take an OP instate of a JSK. For a full outfit you need to wear a blouse under the JSK and that would be another layer. Avoid many layers :D

- Skip the blouse and the socks. There are some JSK that look really good without blouse and socks, Classic Chair from Innocent World for instance. You probably wouldn't call it Lolita any longer but you still look fabulous ^^

- Stay in cool places, places with air conditioning.

- Go Ero-Lolita and run around in Bloomers and cutsews :D that's what I do!

And now something that you probably don't want to hear... if it is too hot (I'm talking about +35°C) DON'T WEAR LOLITA! I'm serious. In Paris at the Lolita Convention a girl collapsed because she wore a full outfit and didn't drink enough over the day.
There is nothing graceful about sweating yourself to death and many people actually die because of a heat stroke. I love Lolita and the way it makes me feel when I wear it... but it's not worth dying for :D

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