Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Elitas and Liberalitas

It might not look like it but I do have big feet. I need shoes with the Japanese Size 26 (which is 26cm). I will never fit into brand shoes and, seriously, I couldn't care less!

On my last daily_lolita post a girl asked me if it cast a damning light on her if she wore replicas shoes. Uhm... what do you answer to such a question? I told her, that some of the Lolitas may care and some not. I know I don't.

In this post, I don't want to talk about if you should buy replicas or not in general, but about how people sometimes treat you different because you don't wear brand only.
Here in Austria we get along very well. Of course you can't like everybody but nobody will look at you strangely if you don't wear brand from head to toe. I'm very very thankful that the Austrian community is so excepting. I heard horror stories... someone wouldn't talk to a girl at a meet-up because she wore a handmade dress and unfortunately something like this actually happened to one of my friends. So, it's not only a story that I hear from this person, who had it from that person, who watched it on TV or something :D Things like this DO happen!

Everytime I hear something like that, I react like this: WHAT...? WHY...? *Questionmarkface*

I am NOT able to understand what makes people behave like that! We are all equal! That is how I have been raised. Intolerance makes you come off uneducated and stupid. I may seem a little arrogant to people who first meet me. But I'm just awkward and shy :( So, arrogant or not, I will treat you like everybody else!

Not everybody is able to spend thousands of euros, dollars, pounds on dresses and not everybody is willed to pay so much because this fashion, in their eyes, is not worth it. Whatever the reason is, it doesn't matter! No matter what we wear, we are all human and equal!

Did something like this ever happen to you? Do you have a different opinion? Is it important for you to wear brand only? Let us talk about it. As long as we respect each other, everything is fine.

Intolerance is something that really bothers me. Not only in Lolita but in general. Everybody gets a chance from me. Sometimes even more than one. But I'm not willed to tolerate unreasonable elitist behavior and unjustified xenophobia! (which makes me intolerant... -.- and the fact that I'm not willed to change that makes me even more intolerant...)

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