Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

*argh* at my mailman and a convention

Since I came back from Paris I wasn't at my place. First I stayed at my moms place because I was sick and didn't want to be alone and then I just stayed longer because I couldn't motivate me to go back to my single-flat. It's so tiny and boring.

Anyway, now I had to go back to my apartment because of my work and such things as social interaction with my friends ^^ The first thing I did was clearing my mailbox *sigh* My mailman is... so... ARGH! Angelic Pretty sent me the group shot of the tea party and my mailman folded the letter in half so he can shove it into my mailbox.

Thank you very much for that... NOT! But since I'm not on the group shot anyway (I was lying backstage with a migraine and a panic attack :/) it's not sooo bad, I guess.

Well, enough about that. On to the next topic! Yesterday was another Lolita Komplex concert at the MACOnvention. Eve and Nana, the two singers, went there by car and I was able to go with them, to support them in the crowd. The concert was as always very awesome! Only the people at the convention were a bit strange. But I think that's pretty normal ^^ I'm not into manga, anime or any other Japanese thing (except for Lolita and sushi) so the whole Japan-convention thingy is uncharted waters for me. I feel like the convention visitors are all very touchy, they want to hug me and poke me to get my attention. That makes me very uneasy. I really don't like to be touched by people I don't know. You must be a very close friend of mine to be aloud to touch me. So I stayed backstage until the concert, danced in front of the stage during the concert and flew behind the merchandise table after the concert :D That's how I successfully avoided to be touched! *YES* And that is what I wore:

strange pose is strange
JSK, Socks: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: handmade
Hair-Thingy: Baby, the stars shine bright

My point of fashion was to try to combine the dress with a different color than black. Works quite well. I wanted to wear something red in my hair but I actually don't have any red accessories... at all! ^^" I guess I need to get some for this dress.

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