Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Angelic Pretty Tea Party and Lolita Komplex concert

I overslept! YAY! I don't sleep well in hotel beds. So, that I actually overslept means I was sleeping deep and well! YES!

Yesterday was my first attempt as a OTT Lolita. I felt very uncomfortable and I'm not sure why. Maybe because everything was sooo pink XD

The food at the AP Tea Party was not sooo good. I didn't like it. They had macaroons with roseflavour and they tasted like soap ^^ And after 3 hours with the same J-Pop song, I got a migraine and I had to lay down. The AP-crew was so nice! They offered me 2 different kind of painkillers and I was allowed to lay down on a sofa in the back of the Cafe.

Maki and Asuka were special guest at the tea party. The Austrian girls had a present for them.

After the Tea Party we went to the Lolita convention to the Lolita Komplex concert. Only 3 of 6 members were there and it was an unplugged concert. Even though the songs sounded so different we had a lot of fun!

When I came home I was soo glad to be able to rip off all the stuff on my face and head. The removed the face nails before the concert because I couldn't stand it any longer. I couldn't open my bag, I had trouble taking pictures... yeah... the fake nails was the worst thing about the whole OTT outfit :D

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