Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Seriously Versailles?

Sorry for not posting so long, I'm stressed out...

Anyway, I just red a blog entry from a friend of mine and I'm shocked!

This is the blog entry. The two girls went to Versailles and what happened to them is outrageous! Seriously... NOT OK!

What's the worst thing that ever happened to you in Lolita? People have been rude or plain stupid to me but something like this never took place. I can't recall any incident even close to something so shockingly like that.

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011


Yesterday I went out to support a friends band: Thiary

I'm not very much into Metal... and yesterday I found out, I'm even less into Metalcore. I think it was Metalcore, I'm not sure. I'm having a hard time classifying things like that. Also, not every artist wants to have a certain label, it just limits him in some way. But even though I didn't really enjoy the music, Thiary isn't bad at all! They are quiet good actually. So, if you do like Metal and Metalcore, check them out!

This is what I wore:

Blouse: Innocent World
Corset: ebay
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Chantilly
Bloomers, Jabot: handmade

My Point of fashion was: wearing mostly black and not too many girly frills to a Metal concert.
I was in a hurry and forgot to put on my shoes before I took the picture and couldn't redo it because I was already late. Also, I'm not very happy about the fact, that you can't see the jabot. I sewed it especially for this outfit and now it's almost invisible on the black blouse -.-

I have some more pictures for you. They are not Lolita-related, they just amuse me ^^

On the left you see me arguing with my cam because the self-timer went off to early and on the right you see me in my usual pose. I think in the future I will argue with my cam more often. I like the left pic much better! In fact, the right one is boring. What do you think? :D

Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

*argh* at my mailman and a convention

Since I came back from Paris I wasn't at my place. First I stayed at my moms place because I was sick and didn't want to be alone and then I just stayed longer because I couldn't motivate me to go back to my single-flat. It's so tiny and boring.

Anyway, now I had to go back to my apartment because of my work and such things as social interaction with my friends ^^ The first thing I did was clearing my mailbox *sigh* My mailman is... so... ARGH! Angelic Pretty sent me the group shot of the tea party and my mailman folded the letter in half so he can shove it into my mailbox.

Thank you very much for that... NOT! But since I'm not on the group shot anyway (I was lying backstage with a migraine and a panic attack :/) it's not sooo bad, I guess.

Well, enough about that. On to the next topic! Yesterday was another Lolita Komplex concert at the MACOnvention. Eve and Nana, the two singers, went there by car and I was able to go with them, to support them in the crowd. The concert was as always very awesome! Only the people at the convention were a bit strange. But I think that's pretty normal ^^ I'm not into manga, anime or any other Japanese thing (except for Lolita and sushi) so the whole Japan-convention thingy is uncharted waters for me. I feel like the convention visitors are all very touchy, they want to hug me and poke me to get my attention. That makes me very uneasy. I really don't like to be touched by people I don't know. You must be a very close friend of mine to be aloud to touch me. So I stayed backstage until the concert, danced in front of the stage during the concert and flew behind the merchandise table after the concert :D That's how I successfully avoided to be touched! *YES* And that is what I wore:

strange pose is strange
JSK, Socks: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: handmade
Hair-Thingy: Baby, the stars shine bright

My point of fashion was to try to combine the dress with a different color than black. Works quite well. I wanted to wear something red in my hair but I actually don't have any red accessories... at all! ^^" I guess I need to get some for this dress.

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Mad Hatter... yes again...

Was bored... forced my little brother to take pictures of me ^^

Blouse: Innocent World
Cardigan: Alice and the Pirates
Skirt: Candy Violet
Socks: Chantilly

Yes, Mad Hatter again. I'm sorry to bore you. I just love it! My Point of fashion this time was to combine the cardigan and the socks I bought in Paris with my beloved skirt. The cardigan is dedicated to the mad hatter. It has embroidery on it that says "Mad Hatter 10/6".

I need new stuff or I will start to bore you ^^

Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Shout out to Elyon

Today I got a letter from Elyon (her blog, but Hungarian), a girl from Budapest. She is such a cute girl and the most amazing artist!

I totally adore the way she draws and as I said, today I got a letter from her. She wrote me because of the heat she is just lying in front of the laptop and I should keep on posting so she has something to read...

... Girl... we are doing the same thing! I'm lying in front of the netbook too ^^ I should sit behind the sewing machine and work but I can't motivate me. meh!


Give Away Winner and a very very cute Video

Hello Ladies!

Are you excited? Do you want to know how won the give away? I stayed up until midnight and filmed the lottery drawing. So now you can watch the drawing :D

Congratulations Yuki! I will contact you via mail and as soon as I have your address, I will send out the prices.

And sorry to Annie, your Mail came one and a half hour late. At that point the drawing took already place :/

Now I want to show you something so sweet and so special. The youtuber shelbycloud asked her viewers to send her pictures, so she could make a video with Lolitas all over the world and what inspires them! I think the idea is so cute. Here is the finished project:

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Give Away Reminder: The last 12 hours

Now there are only 12 hours left to take part in the give away ^^

Isn't that the cutes signature ever? And since the book is more like a mook (magazine-book) you don't need to be able to read Japanese. You can get inspiration from her outfits and follow the picture-tutorials easily. *YAY*

EDIT: *faaaaail* I programmed the  time and date for this post wrong -.-... so now that the post is online there are not even 8 hours left.

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

How to survive the summer in Lolita!

It's hoooot... sooo hot!

In the last few days, it was so hot, I didn't even want to leave the house. And thinking about getting dressed in Lolita makes me break out in a sweat ^^ If you still want to wear Lolita in summer, here are some (hopefully) useful tips:

- Use a parasol! They look cute and you are always standing in the shadow which makes a big difference.

- Take a fan with you. A breeze of cool air can be very delightful on a hot summer day.

- Keep it casual. Instate of a high collar blouse choose a t-shirt. If you are not going to a meet-up and just want to bring some Lolita in your everyday live, the outfit doesn't need to be perfect.

- If you still want to wear a full outfit, take an OP instate of a JSK. For a full outfit you need to wear a blouse under the JSK and that would be another layer. Avoid many layers :D

- Skip the blouse and the socks. There are some JSK that look really good without blouse and socks, Classic Chair from Innocent World for instance. You probably wouldn't call it Lolita any longer but you still look fabulous ^^

- Stay in cool places, places with air conditioning.

- Go Ero-Lolita and run around in Bloomers and cutsews :D that's what I do!

And now something that you probably don't want to hear... if it is too hot (I'm talking about +35°C) DON'T WEAR LOLITA! I'm serious. In Paris at the Lolita Convention a girl collapsed because she wore a full outfit and didn't drink enough over the day.
There is nothing graceful about sweating yourself to death and many people actually die because of a heat stroke. I love Lolita and the way it makes me feel when I wear it... but it's not worth dying for :D

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Love Is In The Air...

I received so much love from you guys in the last weeks.

First, 2 Valentines:

And now I had this super cute message in my mail:

*____* d'awww... this made me so happy! Girl, I want to read your blog too <3 please leave the link in the comments!

Elitas and Liberalitas

It might not look like it but I do have big feet. I need shoes with the Japanese Size 26 (which is 26cm). I will never fit into brand shoes and, seriously, I couldn't care less!

On my last daily_lolita post a girl asked me if it cast a damning light on her if she wore replicas shoes. Uhm... what do you answer to such a question? I told her, that some of the Lolitas may care and some not. I know I don't.

In this post, I don't want to talk about if you should buy replicas or not in general, but about how people sometimes treat you different because you don't wear brand only.
Here in Austria we get along very well. Of course you can't like everybody but nobody will look at you strangely if you don't wear brand from head to toe. I'm very very thankful that the Austrian community is so excepting. I heard horror stories... someone wouldn't talk to a girl at a meet-up because she wore a handmade dress and unfortunately something like this actually happened to one of my friends. So, it's not only a story that I hear from this person, who had it from that person, who watched it on TV or something :D Things like this DO happen!

Everytime I hear something like that, I react like this: WHAT...? WHY...? *Questionmarkface*

I am NOT able to understand what makes people behave like that! We are all equal! That is how I have been raised. Intolerance makes you come off uneducated and stupid. I may seem a little arrogant to people who first meet me. But I'm just awkward and shy :( So, arrogant or not, I will treat you like everybody else!

Not everybody is able to spend thousands of euros, dollars, pounds on dresses and not everybody is willed to pay so much because this fashion, in their eyes, is not worth it. Whatever the reason is, it doesn't matter! No matter what we wear, we are all human and equal!

Did something like this ever happen to you? Do you have a different opinion? Is it important for you to wear brand only? Let us talk about it. As long as we respect each other, everything is fine.

Intolerance is something that really bothers me. Not only in Lolita but in general. Everybody gets a chance from me. Sometimes even more than one. But I'm not willed to tolerate unreasonable elitist behavior and unjustified xenophobia! (which makes me intolerant... -.- and the fact that I'm not willed to change that makes me even more intolerant...)

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Misako-chans Make-up Tutorial

Hey guys!

When I bought Misakos book for you, I bought one for myself too. It's really sweet and in some way also very inspirational.

There is a little tutorial in it, how to do a cute casual look.

I thought I show you how to create this look. But I made some changes. Misako doesn't use concealer because she doesn't has to. I however have dark shadows under my eyes and need to do so.
Most of the Asian people have quiet short lashes, that is why the girls wear false ones almost every day. My lashes are long and curled nicely, so I don't need to curl my lashes and put on falsies.
The third thing I changed was the color of the lipgloss. Pink doesn't fit me so well, I used a slightly red one instate.

My editionprogram sucks... BAD! I still have to find a good one that runs on ubuntu. And I'm still sick. I'm breathing through my mouth the entire video, which looks... well... stupid! :D Sorry for that. If I should ever do a tutorial again, it will be better. I promise!

Do you want more video make-up tutorials? Or do I suck so bad at editing that I should never ever in my live do another tutorial? XD

Oh and there is still some time left to enter the give away! You can win the awesome book where I had the tutorial from ^^

Montag, 11. Juli 2011


You may know that I love unconventional outfits and co-ords. Yesterday on daily_lolita I found something very special!

CYBERLOLITA!!! OMG! It looks perfect! Here is her d_l post. What do you think? I think it looks amazing. She is basically wearing a whole sweet outfit and topped it of with typically cyber-accessories!

It's not easy to pull something like this off and many of the comments in her post say something like this: "I didn't expect to like it but it's awesome!" That's exactly what I thought when I first red the title. But I like to be surprised by amazing outfits :D

Tell me what you think about unconventional outfits in the comments. Do you like it classic Lolita? Do you like it crazy, like it do?

Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

Silly Pics

Now that everybody of the Paris-travel-group is back at home, the pictures taken during the holiday show up all over the internet, also the silly-random-pics.

Somehow there are only silly pics of me. Why? I guess because I'm a clown ^^

I hope I amused you XD

Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

3rd Sweet Indeed Give Away

Time for another give away! *yay* I hope you like the prices I got for you. You can win a small Baby, the stars shine bright totebag and a signed copie from Misako Aokis book "Kawaii Revolution".

The totebag was only for the visitors of the tea party, so you can't buy it online. I bought the book at the tea party and Misako-chan signed it. She didn't really understand why I didn't want a special dedication but I guess I failed at explaining it ^^

If you want to win the gifts, post the link to this blog entry on facebook, twitter or your blog, make a screenshot and send it to
The deadline ends next sunday (17.07.2011, 24:00 MET). I will pick the winner randomly, probably with an online random generator and announce him/her the following day.

I wish you all good luck!

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

random Paris post

Hello Ladies!

Today, at my last day, I'm staying at the Hostel because the air conditioner made me sick. I have a cold -.- thank you air conditioner!
So I thought I show you some pictures of Paris.

This is the Sacre Coeur. It's an amazing church in Montmartre. It sits on a hill and from there you can see whole Paris.

The Eifel tower is on the right. You need to go away from Sacre Coeur to see it. Actually the Eifel tower is prettier from the far ^^

Montmartre... we had the most romantic moment just standing at the stairs and looking down. There was a man playing the saxophone and everything was so pretty *___*

The famous Moulin Rouge. I wouldn't go there at night without a man by your side. The area is not the best. Still it look awesome at night!

So, now some fun pictures ^^

"sauf" in German means something like "get drunk"... soo... get drunk and ride a bike XD

And an Epicerie... they produce Epic there XD No, of course they don't. I'm not sure what it means. I just thought it was funny ^^

I love Paris but I'm also very glad when I come home tomorrow. I miss my family and my bed!

Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

Lolita Convention

On Monday was the second day of the Lolita convention. My cam died so I couldn't make many pictures. But i filmed the fashion show with my phone. I just have to edit and up load it. I will do that when I'm back in Austria!

I wore the dress I bought in the Angelic Pretty shop on Saturday. I really like it. It looks like it is dipped in blood *____*

I had to combine it with black because I didn't plan to buy/wear it. So I only had my black blouse with me. Otherwise I would have paired it with red.

Today we went out to do some sightseeing but after about 2 hours I went home. I don't feel well, I'm cranky and the girls I'm traveling with want to do something very different from what I want to do. That's why I decided to stay in the hostel and blog and watch the new episode of True Blood ^^

When I'm back in Austria, I will host a small give away. I got something very special for you :D

Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Angelic Pretty Tea Party and Lolita Komplex concert

I overslept! YAY! I don't sleep well in hotel beds. So, that I actually overslept means I was sleeping deep and well! YES!

Yesterday was my first attempt as a OTT Lolita. I felt very uncomfortable and I'm not sure why. Maybe because everything was sooo pink XD

The food at the AP Tea Party was not sooo good. I didn't like it. They had macaroons with roseflavour and they tasted like soap ^^ And after 3 hours with the same J-Pop song, I got a migraine and I had to lay down. The AP-crew was so nice! They offered me 2 different kind of painkillers and I was allowed to lay down on a sofa in the back of the Cafe.

Maki and Asuka were special guest at the tea party. The Austrian girls had a present for them.

After the Tea Party we went to the Lolita convention to the Lolita Komplex concert. Only 3 of 6 members were there and it was an unplugged concert. Even though the songs sounded so different we had a lot of fun!

When I came home I was soo glad to be able to rip off all the stuff on my face and head. The removed the face nails before the concert because I couldn't stand it any longer. I couldn't open my bag, I had trouble taking pictures... yeah... the fake nails was the worst thing about the whole OTT outfit :D

Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

Oh Paris, Baby Tea Party and Shopping at AP

Bonjour my dear readers!

How are you today? I'm fiiiiine :D Yesterday was my first day in Paris and it was allready so much fun. I'm traveling with 6 other Austrian Lolitas and one Lolita from Norway. We got ready in the morning and went to get to the Baby Shop. Some of us had to pick up our invitations for the the party.

After that we went to the AP shop because if you bought something, you got a gift ^^ It was so much going on there. I was waiting in line, just to get into the store for almost an hour! When we finally were able to pay (another 30 min waiting) it was so late, that we thought we would be late for the tea party. So we left the things at the store and ran to the metro station. We were on time but it was close!

The room were the tea party took place was amazing! Breathtaking! Seriously! It was like in castle. And the cake was sooo good! Oh my god... it was so good but at the same time so filling, that you couldn't eat more than 2 not very large pieces. The pieces were something like 4cm x 4cm big, so really not much.

Aoki Misako was special guest at the tea party. Guess what, my friend and I met here at the toilet first ^^ She is sooo cute... and sooo small! I look like a fat giant next to her.

After the tea party we went back to the AP shop to pick up our stuff. I thought the shop assistance were really poor. First 1000 of girls storm the shop, 2 hours later, everybody is gone because they all went to the Baby Tea Party and 4 hours later again a horde of  crazy girls came to shop the hell out of them ^^

I met so many nice girls that day. Such big events are always really fun and very enjoyable. We met a girl from Finland, she traveled alone and she actually won a price at the tea party.

Another girl that really amazed me was this russian girl. Here outfit was soo perfect! I never saw such an awesome Punk/Pirate Outfit!

Today I will attend the AP tea party (I wrote tea party way to often in this entry!) and I will wear some kind of OTT for the first time. I don't know how that will work out and if it is a good idea because the neighborhood is not the best. Next time I will travel with a bodyguard ^^