Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Sweet Indeed Reloaded

Hello my dear readers!

On Thursday evening suddenly my blog disappeared. Apparently somebody hacked and deleted my whole Google-Account. Once deleted, you can't undelete it and old user names and blogdomains aren't open for new registration.

So, this is my new domain. Unfortunately I haven't saved the old articles. That's why I can't upload them here and just continue my work. Maybe I will write a summary of the more important stuff, like my "Project OTT". But at the moment I just feel sad and empty and you can't imagine how much it hurts, that my old blog is gone.

Feel free to follow me (again) if you want. I will be back soon with new articles and a travel report from my journey to Paris next week, where I will visit the Angelic Pretty and Baby, the star shine bright Tea Party :D

Oh and I'm still working on the layout. The old header was somehow deleted when I copied the data from my old netbook to the new one. Don't ask me how that happened. I think the old netbook wanted revenge because I replaced it XD

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