Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Ribbon Tutorial

So guys, I promised you a tutorial and here it is! Today we are making ribbons.

What you need:

- Sissors
- Pins
- Needle and Thread
- Sewing machine (optional but practical)

- 1x Grosgrain Ribbon, 2,5cm wide and 16cm long
- 1x Grosgrain Ribbon, 2,5cm wide and 19cm long (by the way, I used the wrong measurements, so my ribbon turned out a little bit different)
- 1x Grosgrain Ribbon, 2cm wide and 7cm long
- 1x Rose Lace, 16cm long (optional but cute)
- 1x Rose Lace, 19cm long (optional but cute)

If you don't want to buy 2 different wide grosgrain ribbon, you can simply cut off 5mm of the 2,5cm wide ribbon. Then you have to go along the cut edge with your lighter and "melt"/singe it so it doesn't frazzle.

This is all you need for this. It's not much but it will turn out so cute ^^

First you need to sew the lace on to the ribbon. You could pin it down but it's not necessary. Just put the lace on the edge of the ribbon and start sewing. It doesn't need to be perfect, you wont see it anyway.

It's supposed to look like this afterwards. I don't know why the lace is doing this weird thing with the ribbon but it doesn't matter. Just stretch it out a little.

Fold the ribbon in half, the lace on the inside and sew along the edge (about 5mm away from the edge).

After you done this with both pieces of ribbon, turn the side with the lace on the outside and find the middle of the ribbon. The seam should be in the middle at the back of the loop. Pin the ribbon together in the middle and place the smaller part on top of the bigger part. Like so:

Now secure the two ribbons with a small seam. The seam should be rectangular to the pin(s).

The seam doesn't have to be long, it's just supposed to hold the two pieces together.

Now rap the 3rd piece of ribbon around the other two pieces. It has to be very tight. You may have to shorten the 3rd piece. Pin it down and sew a vertical hemstitch along the edge.

It hope my graphic will help you to understand, how to do a vertical hemstitch. Well, it doesn't have to be a vertical hemstitch, just close the ribbon-loop somehow. The vertical hemstitch would be the correct way to do it.

 And this is how the ribbon should look like when you're finished ^^ (no, actually not because I used the wrong measurements)

You could glue on a pin on at the back or put a headband trough the loop. I didn't have a head band at home, so I couldn't do the "Double-Ribbon Head Band". But I will buy one on Monday and complete, well, extend this tutorial.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. If there is something you didn't understand, please tell me so and I will try to explain it more detailed.

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