Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Projekt OTT

On Friday I will go to Paris to visit the Japan Expo, the Lolita Convention, the Baby, the star shine bright Tea Party and the Angelic Pretty Tea Party. A lot of stuff to do in only 3 days ^^ Well, I will stay longer but all this happens in the first 3 days.

At both Tea Parties there will be a strict dress code. I'm very into classic outfits or oldschool outfits but not so much sweet or OTT (over the top) sweet. That's why I had no problem to find an outfit for the Baby Tea Party. But the Angelic Pretty Tea Party really worried me. So I decided to go and try OTT for one day. Just for fun. Because that's what it all about, right?

That's why I started the Project OTT. I ordered an AP dress and a pink wig and I will try to rock OTT. I'm not sure if I can do this. It's really hard work! Seriously, you have to think about so many things. I'm happy to have a very talented OTT Lolita to help me. She gave me some really good tips and advices.

At the moment I'm watching one youtube tutorial after the other because I'm good with classic make-up and pin-up inspired make-up but I have no idea how to creat an OTT-look. That's what I came up with today:

Oh my god... I'm so pink XD and I sparkle! I think it's kinda awesome. Tomorrow I will try to finish the blouse I want to wear under my dress and then I will show you the whole outfit for the first time.

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