Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

I received the Kreativ Blogger Award from Pikku Mansikka, thank you so much!

1. post an entry
2. thank the person, who gave you the award
3. write down 10 facts about you
4. give the award to somebody you think deserves it.

So, 10 facts about me. I will make it Lolita facts ^^
- The first JSK (actually the first really Lolita-item) I've sewn was white with strawberries on it.
- The first brand item I bought was a round Baby headdress and I only wore it once because it didn't fit the shape of my face.
- Trough Lolita I got better at "cheating" with make-up (now I can pretend I'm so much prettier than I really am XD)
- I love wigs with Lolita especially since my hair is short and I can't any longer style it the way I want it
- The thing I dislike the most about Lolita is "over the knee"-socks, that hardly reach my kneecap
- As a professional seamstress, sometimes I'm having a hard time to understand why people pay so much for brand (especially if the dress is made of polyester and the print is only in th front...)
- I will never become a lifestyle Lolita. I love the fashion but I have no interest in the whole lifestyle thingy
- Lolita brought me so much joy and so many good friends. I don't want to miss that ever again
- I love Bloomers! I love them so much, in summer I wear them as shorts
- I think this video from Shelbycloud is sooo super cute! I want to do that too ^^

I don't want to give the award to anybody because 1. I can't decide to whom I should give it too, 2. I don't want to annoy anybody and 3. I don't like this chain letter stuff and that feels like it. I hope you understand my reasons!

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