Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011


I'm finishing the last things for my holiday in Paris. The fake nails are drying and I did all the important research.

I'm trying to get distracted because I'm really afraid of flying. What's the best way to get distracted? Get a twitter account! haha... well, maybe not. Still, I got a twitter account. You can follow me if you want to.

What are you afraid of? Spiders? Monsters beneath your bed? Tell me in the comments!

Kreativ Blogger Award

I received the Kreativ Blogger Award from Pikku Mansikka, thank you so much!

1. post an entry
2. thank the person, who gave you the award
3. write down 10 facts about you
4. give the award to somebody you think deserves it.

So, 10 facts about me. I will make it Lolita facts ^^
- The first JSK (actually the first really Lolita-item) I've sewn was white with strawberries on it.
- The first brand item I bought was a round Baby headdress and I only wore it once because it didn't fit the shape of my face.
- Trough Lolita I got better at "cheating" with make-up (now I can pretend I'm so much prettier than I really am XD)
- I love wigs with Lolita especially since my hair is short and I can't any longer style it the way I want it
- The thing I dislike the most about Lolita is "over the knee"-socks, that hardly reach my kneecap
- As a professional seamstress, sometimes I'm having a hard time to understand why people pay so much for brand (especially if the dress is made of polyester and the print is only in th front...)
- I will never become a lifestyle Lolita. I love the fashion but I have no interest in the whole lifestyle thingy
- Lolita brought me so much joy and so many good friends. I don't want to miss that ever again
- I love Bloomers! I love them so much, in summer I wear them as shorts
- I think this video from Shelbycloud is sooo super cute! I want to do that too ^^

I don't want to give the award to anybody because 1. I can't decide to whom I should give it too, 2. I don't want to annoy anybody and 3. I don't like this chain letter stuff and that feels like it. I hope you understand my reasons!

Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Paris, Paris

I was talking to my best friend in Germany about postcards because when she visited me some weeks ago, she bought postcards but it took her at least a week to write them and send them out (she was back in Germany then) XD

She asked me if she could expect a postcard from me and I told her, that I'm super lazy when it comes to writing postcards ^^" But I really want to change that. The only problem is, without pressure I will not change.

So, if you want a postcard from me, write me an e-mail ( with your address (until friyday night) and you will receive a nice postcard from me :D

Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

finished Outfit

YES! I just finished the blouse I want to wear to my OTT outfit :D And here, as promised, the whole Outfit:

I couldn't put it and wig and make up on because I was stressed all day, trying to finish the blouse. And I didn't want to give too much away. But of course I will post me wearing the outfit when I'm in Paris.

By the way, I'm taking my netbook with me so I hope I can write daily updates ^^

Invitation *____*

Hey guys,

just a short update. I'm still working on the blouse, it looks really cute! But the thing I wanted to tell you: The invitation to the AP Tea Party arrived today *___*

There is a heart cut out in the envelope... so cute!

And my name is written on the invitation *_____* In the big pink Heart, there it says "Mara". At the moment I can't stop smiling ^^

Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Projekt OTT

On Friday I will go to Paris to visit the Japan Expo, the Lolita Convention, the Baby, the star shine bright Tea Party and the Angelic Pretty Tea Party. A lot of stuff to do in only 3 days ^^ Well, I will stay longer but all this happens in the first 3 days.

At both Tea Parties there will be a strict dress code. I'm very into classic outfits or oldschool outfits but not so much sweet or OTT (over the top) sweet. That's why I had no problem to find an outfit for the Baby Tea Party. But the Angelic Pretty Tea Party really worried me. So I decided to go and try OTT for one day. Just for fun. Because that's what it all about, right?

That's why I started the Project OTT. I ordered an AP dress and a pink wig and I will try to rock OTT. I'm not sure if I can do this. It's really hard work! Seriously, you have to think about so many things. I'm happy to have a very talented OTT Lolita to help me. She gave me some really good tips and advices.

At the moment I'm watching one youtube tutorial after the other because I'm good with classic make-up and pin-up inspired make-up but I have no idea how to creat an OTT-look. That's what I came up with today:

Oh my god... I'm so pink XD and I sparkle! I think it's kinda awesome. Tomorrow I will try to finish the blouse I want to wear under my dress and then I will show you the whole outfit for the first time.

Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Mad Hatter Shooting

Hey guys!

All my old readers have already seen this. But I wanted to post the pictures of my "Mad Hatter"-shooting in my new blog too because 1. I love them and 2. my new readers haven't seen them jet. So, sorry to bore you my dear "old" readers ^^

Skirt: Candy Violet
Blouse: H&M
Socks: Secret shop
Shoes: from ebay, it says "Lolita" on the inside
Hat: ebay
on the hat: Rat (IKEA), Bow (AP), Cameo (Merry Me)

Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Ribbon Tutorial

So guys, I promised you a tutorial and here it is! Today we are making ribbons.

What you need:

- Sissors
- Pins
- Needle and Thread
- Sewing machine (optional but practical)

- 1x Grosgrain Ribbon, 2,5cm wide and 16cm long
- 1x Grosgrain Ribbon, 2,5cm wide and 19cm long (by the way, I used the wrong measurements, so my ribbon turned out a little bit different)
- 1x Grosgrain Ribbon, 2cm wide and 7cm long
- 1x Rose Lace, 16cm long (optional but cute)
- 1x Rose Lace, 19cm long (optional but cute)

If you don't want to buy 2 different wide grosgrain ribbon, you can simply cut off 5mm of the 2,5cm wide ribbon. Then you have to go along the cut edge with your lighter and "melt"/singe it so it doesn't frazzle.

This is all you need for this. It's not much but it will turn out so cute ^^

First you need to sew the lace on to the ribbon. You could pin it down but it's not necessary. Just put the lace on the edge of the ribbon and start sewing. It doesn't need to be perfect, you wont see it anyway.

It's supposed to look like this afterwards. I don't know why the lace is doing this weird thing with the ribbon but it doesn't matter. Just stretch it out a little.

Fold the ribbon in half, the lace on the inside and sew along the edge (about 5mm away from the edge).

After you done this with both pieces of ribbon, turn the side with the lace on the outside and find the middle of the ribbon. The seam should be in the middle at the back of the loop. Pin the ribbon together in the middle and place the smaller part on top of the bigger part. Like so:

Now secure the two ribbons with a small seam. The seam should be rectangular to the pin(s).

The seam doesn't have to be long, it's just supposed to hold the two pieces together.

Now rap the 3rd piece of ribbon around the other two pieces. It has to be very tight. You may have to shorten the 3rd piece. Pin it down and sew a vertical hemstitch along the edge.

It hope my graphic will help you to understand, how to do a vertical hemstitch. Well, it doesn't have to be a vertical hemstitch, just close the ribbon-loop somehow. The vertical hemstitch would be the correct way to do it.

 And this is how the ribbon should look like when you're finished ^^ (no, actually not because I used the wrong measurements)

You could glue on a pin on at the back or put a headband trough the loop. I didn't have a head band at home, so I couldn't do the "Double-Ribbon Head Band". But I will buy one on Monday and complete, well, extend this tutorial.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. If there is something you didn't understand, please tell me so and I will try to explain it more detailed.

Sweet Indeed Reloaded

Hello my dear readers!

On Thursday evening suddenly my blog disappeared. Apparently somebody hacked and deleted my whole Google-Account. Once deleted, you can't undelete it and old user names and blogdomains aren't open for new registration.

So, this is my new domain. Unfortunately I haven't saved the old articles. That's why I can't upload them here and just continue my work. Maybe I will write a summary of the more important stuff, like my "Project OTT". But at the moment I just feel sad and empty and you can't imagine how much it hurts, that my old blog is gone.

Feel free to follow me (again) if you want. I will be back soon with new articles and a travel report from my journey to Paris next week, where I will visit the Angelic Pretty and Baby, the star shine bright Tea Party :D

Oh and I'm still working on the layout. The old header was somehow deleted when I copied the data from my old netbook to the new one. Don't ask me how that happened. I think the old netbook wanted revenge because I replaced it XD